FAQ General Charter Information


What types of charter do you offer?

Mystic Amara III provides half day (4 hours) and ¾ day (6 hours) and full day (8 hour) charters, as well as 6am – 6pm Marlin trips for Deep Sea OR Bottom Fishing.

4 hour - 8am to 12 noon or 1pm to 5pm
6 hour - 8am to 2pm or 9am to 3pm
8 hour - 8am to 4pm or 9am to 5pm
Marlin Charter - 6am to 6pm

Should you be running late for your charter please ensure that you call us to let us know - Amy +1 268 464 7112 Captain Leroy +1 268 764 3474. If we don't see you dockside within 30 minutes of your charter time the boat will return to its home port.

How many guests do you take on board?
Mystic Amara III is setup, licensed and insured to fish with a maximum of 6 anglers, although 2 - 4 anglers provide a much more comfortable and more hands on interaction.

What’s included and what should we bring?
The Captain provides everything needed for a day of fishing including: tackle, bait, drinks and ice, etc.
You are more than welcome to bring your own food if required.
Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen are recommended as well as your camera.
Sunscreen should be non-aerosol type as aerosol sunscreens can stain the deck of the boat.

Do you have to be experienced to fish?
The Captain and Crew are always willing to teach as much or as little as the anglers desire.
Everyone from a novice to an expert fisherman is welcome on board.
Mystic Amara III also caters to family charters.
The Captain has two children of his own, and is understanding of children's' special needs.
We can also custom tailor a trip to meet your needs. Special hours can be arranged as well as various combo trips such as half day fishing with a reef snorkel.
Mystic Amara charters are very flexible to allow our clients to have the best possibility of landing fish and to have the best fishing trip possible.

Deposits & Payments
A 50% deposit per day of fishing is required to book a trip.
Deposit can be made via VISA or MASTERCARD.
The balance is payable to the boat on the charter day again either with VISA or MASTERCARD or US or EC cash.

What is the cancellation policy?
Charters are typically only canceled due to extreme weather.

Weather cancellations are only made at the discretion of the captain. In the event of a weather cancellation by the captain 100% of the deposit amount will be refunded. 

Trips canceled for any other reason must be canceled at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to the trip or a 50% deposit will be forfeited. Cancellation or not turning up for charter on your charter day will incur full payment.

When a charter is made we block out the specified charter time for you – should someone else wish to charter the boat on the same day as you – we will have refused their booking therefore loosing business.

If you are coming into Antigua on a Cruise Ship, please note that we operate on LOCAL TIME not ship time. All the times (charter time & taxi time) specified on your confirmation or email are in local time. If you are unsure of your charter time, please verify with us prior to your charter day.

Should your ship not arrive into port for any reason, please be advised that your deposit paid will be non-refundable. We are a small business and when we book your charter we are blocking the entire day for you, which leaves us no time to be able to refill the day with an alternative reservation.

What happens with the catch?
In accordance with local and international island convention, fishing trip catches belong to the vessel. Some species are on a 'catch and release' basis only, and whilst every effort will be made to record size and weight, and also to photograph guests with the fish, safety considerations and the health of the fish will be put first. In addition, some types, especially juveniles, may be released at the Captain's discretion.

If you have access to good refrigeration and cooking facilities, and would like to eat some of the freshest fish you've ever tasted, the captain and crew will be happy to clean, and if appropriate fillet some of the catch for you. Please do take their advice on what is good or safe to eat, and they can even suggest the most appropriate cooking method. Some resorts are also happy, within reason, to cook your fish for you. We are not able to pack, store or ship fish.

What is the difference between a private charter and a split charter?
The boat can take from 1 – 6 passengers so for the private charter the boat is yours with no additional guests. If you wish, we can try to arrange a split charter where you share with additional Guests and split the cost of the trip, however this sometimes proves difficult as One party may not show up, or one party may get sea sick and spoil the Trip for the other half.

What is the difference between “sport” fishing and “bottom” fishing?
With a little bit of overlap in the species of fish, size of the fish, and style of fishing, sport and bottom fishing are fairly different. Sport fishing (also called trolling or big game fishing) usually involves dragging artificial lures and bait on the surface behind the boat out in deep water for fish like Mahi Mahi, Tuna , King Fish, Wahoo and Marlin. If a fish hooks up, one of the passengers is chosen to try to reel it in.

Bottom fishing can also use artificial lures but we usually use bait like squid. Fishing is done with the boat stopped and anchored over “spots” where there is known to be concentrations of fish like Snapper, Jacks, Hind, Barracuda many others, in relatively shallow water (100-300 ft. deep). Once we get to our bottom fishing spots, each passenger is given their own rod and instructed on how to use it to drop pieces of bait (the crew is happy to help you bait your hook if you prefer), down to the bottom and each has a chance to catch their own fish from start to finish.

Most of the fish we catch are small but the tackle is relative light so its a better match. Plus, if you do hook into a big one on light tackle, you are in for a really fun challenge.

How far out do you go? / How deep do you fish?
This depends on the weather and the crowd. We may end up going as far as 9 or 10 miles from the harbor but usually stay within 3 or 4 miles from shore where the water is calm in the 100 to 300 ft. depth range.

Can we bring the kids?
Bottom fishing is great for kids. We usually fish where the water is calm and with a maximum of 6 passengers and the captain and crew both available to help out, even young kids get a chance to bring in some nice fish.

How far in advance should we book?
It depends on the time of year. In the busy season, which is usually when kids are on spring, summer, or Christmas break, many fishing boats can get pretty booked up. You may want to call us at least two or three weeks in advance if your schedule is tight. a week or two in advance should be enough to give you plenty of options. Bigger parties might be harder to fit in closer to your desired date since we only have six seats, but don't hesitate to call, even at the last minute, we don't fill up every day and might be able to fit you in./

Do I need a fishing license?
No, you personally do not need a fishing license to fish in Antiguan waters as the boat and Captain are holding the required licenses.